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Social distancing doesn’t mean you have to put professional development on hold. Create High Performing People and Teams… Virtually.


Improve productivity and organizational strength, in addition to creating better relationships, improved teamwork, and greater job satisfaction.


Navigate change and successfully plan for the future. Our team can help with organizational development, strategy and change management.


Fun, thought-provoking, active and dynamic workshops and keynotes on a variety of topics that are instantly applicable to your daily work.

About DLCC


Darcy Luoma Coaching & Consulting (DLCC) was founded by President Darcy Luoma with a focus on creating high-performing people and teams through coaching, speaking, and consulting. We do this by focusing on leadership development, improving communication, and working through conflict in a positive way. Our team is committed to providing you with top quality coaching and consulting services. With over 100 years of combined experience, we tailor our work to every client, meeting you where you are and helping you start down the path of where you want to be.

Build the skills to help coach yourself through life’s challenges, big and small.

The Pandemic Pause

The Pandemic Pause

Last year at this time, I remember sitting at my kitchen table with my team on a Monday morning discussing how bad I felt for my colleagues in the northwest who were having their speaking events cancelled because of this new disease called COVID-19. I was thankful...

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How to escape analysis paralysis

How to escape analysis paralysis

My daughter, Josie, recently had to choose her classes for her sophomore year of high school. Up until this point, she’s only been able to choose electives. She now has a ton of decisions. Applied Chemistry or Physical Science? Africa Area Studies or Latin America...

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