What is the Thoughtfully Fit Gym?

Want to go to a gym? Start weekly swimming lessons? Find a nutritionist to start eating healthy? It’s all out there, waiting for you.

But where can you go if you want to give your thoughts a workout? If you want to act (and react!) more thoughtfully in your personal and professional life? Or if you want to overcome the hurdles we all face?

The Thoughtfully Fit Gym is a unique space where you can give your mind the workout it needs.

You’ll receive the expert coaching, professional development and supportive community that you need to overcome those hurdles, so you can get back to doing what you do best. 

In the Thoughtfully Fit Gym, you can learn to deal with hurdles like:

    • Feeling stuck
    • Having too much to do
    • Struggling to say no
    • Dealing with difficult people
    • Reacting poorly when blindsided
    • Judging others
    • And more!

Life will always present hurdles. Our goal at the Thoughtfully Fit Gym is to help you train to respond thoughtfully to those hurdles, until even the BIG ones feel effortless.

What is a Thoughtfully Fit Gym Workout?

A workout is time spent identifying and overcoming the hurdles you experience.

You’ll learn to move past the personal obstacles in your way—such as a lack of motivation or confidence, or the work obstacles—such as a toxic colleague or difficult conversations.

Workouts are designed to increase your awareness, helping you act more intentionally when times get tough.

There are two types of workouts!

    Live workouts:

    Learn how to Pause. Think. Act in a variety of situations. Set goals long-term or short-term goals. Discuss challenges with others who have similar experiences. Gain new awareness through reflection and determining what action you want to take next.


    • Manager Roundtable
    • What’s your goal for the week?
    • Engage your core when people are driving you crazy
    Life Coaching
    Life Coaching

    On-demand workouts:

    Watch workouts on your own time and learn a specific skill or strategy that you can you every day to be more thoughtful – with yourself and others. Videos are five to fifteen minutes that you can watch whenever is most convenient for you.


    • Dealing with imposter sydrome
    • Take the leap to Act
    • Fiind the Pause button

    Become a Thoughtfully Fit Gym Member!

    Monthly Membership: $179 
    Renews monthly

    Annual Membership: $1,949 
    Renews annually

    Who are the Thoughtfully Fit Gym Coaches?

    We’ve assembled a dream team of coaches who are ready to help YOU get Thoughtfully Fit. Click on a picture or name to learn more!

      Darcy Luoma Headshot

      Darcy Luoma
      Creator of Thoughtfully Fit

      Jill Mueller
      Thoughtfully Fit Gym Director

      What do I need for a workout?

      Access to Zoom and an open mind. You might also find you want to have a pen and paper to take notes, old school style! We recommend eliminating any distractions, so you can be fully present (we know, sometimes easier said than done).

      Do I need a computer, or can I use my smartphone?

      Most people find it easier to participate from a computer. However, you’re welcome to join by phone, if you prefer.

      Do I need to pay for my own Zoom account?

      No. We’ll share a link with you. As long as you have an Internet connection, you’ll be good to go.

      If I’ve never used Zoom before, can I practice or get a tutorial beforehand?

      We’ll send you a video to watch before your first workout, so you’ll feel ready!

      Why do you call it a “workout?”

      We guarantee there won’t be any sit-ups, push-ups or other physical activity. However, your thoughts will get a workout. And as a bonus: chances are, you’ll continue to benefit from the workout afterwards as well!

      What if I don’t want to talk?

      No problem! You’ll get a lot out of the workout just by listening and reflecting on your own. If we go into small breakout groups, you can click “join breakout” to participate, or just chill, journal and reflect by staying in the main room.

      Do I have to have my camera on?

      Nope. You are welcome to participate at your comfort level.

      How will people be selected for the Live Coaching workouts?

      Everyone who attends the workout can volunteer to be coached. After hearing from volunteers, the coach will select the person whose topic feels most relevant for the group to learn from, and most suitable for the time available.

      I don’t want to share my problems with strangers. How can I trust what I share won’t come back to haunt me?

      One of the many benefits of coaching is that you don’t need to share specifics – like where you work, or the names of people you’re experiencing hurdles with – in order to gain new awareness. You’ll always control how much you share about your own experiences. Additionally, all Gym members will be expected to respect the strict confidentiality agreements. What’s said in the Gym, stays in the Gym. Anyone who breaks the code of confidentiality will be removed from the Gym.

      What if I miss a workout?

      It’s no problem at all! Much like a physical gym, there’s no expectation that you attend all workouts. In fact, we’d prefer you set your own pace. Each workout is a standalone event, so if you miss a week or a month, you can simply jump back in when you’re ready.

      Do I have to register for a workout in advance?

      You do need to sign up for the free workouts, but once you join Thoughtfully Fit Gym, there’s no need to register for individual workouts. You can show up when you want and as often as you want. Just like a gym membership!

      If I’m brand new to the Gym, how do I know what to expect?

      When you join the Gym, we’ll give you everything you need so you can hit the ground running!