What is the Thoughtfully Fit Gym?

The Thoughtfully Fit Gym is a unique space where teams can train to respond intentionally to the hurdles in the workplace.

These hurdles include common challenges such as:

  • Feeling stuck
  • Having too much to do
  • Struggling to say no
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Reacting poorly when blindsided
  • Judging others
  • And more!

Members will get access to expert coaching, professional development, and a supportive community to help them overcome hurdles, so they can spend less time on people problems at work and get back to what they do best. 

While the workplace will always present hurdles to even the highest-performing teams, our goal at the Thoughtfully Fit Gym is to train your staff to respond thoughtfully to those hurdles, until even the BIG ones feel effortless.

Gym Member Perks

Here’s what your team will get when you sign them up for the Thoughtfully Fit Gym:

What is a Thoughtfully Fit Gym Workout?

Workouts allow you to identify the hurdles your employees and/or teams are facing, and then train the tools and skills to overcome them so you can maximize your results. They typically last from 10 to 60 minutes. 

Workouts are designed to increase awareness and improve performance, helping your employees act more intentionally when times get tough.

There are two types of workout:

    Live workouts:

    Participants will learn how to engage their Thoughtfully Fit core – Pause. Think. Act. – in a variety of situations. They will find out how to set goals, discuss challenges with colleagues who have similar experiences, and commit to the next steps to take to apply the new skills immediately in the workplace. 

    Explore how to Pause. Think. Act when:

    • Working with people with different styles
    • Needing to hold others accountable
    • Navigating change
    Life Coaching
    Life Coaching

    On-demand workouts:

    Members can watch workouts in their own time and learn a specific skill or strategy they can use to be more thoughtful and effective in the workplace. 


    • Thoughtful Delegation
    • Lead meetings with confidence (and that people actually want to attend)
    • Eliminate Your Calendar Chaos

    Become a Thoughtfully Fit Gym Member!

    Monthly Membership: $179 
    Renews monthly

    Annual Membership: $1,949 
    Renews annually

    Who are the Thoughtfully Fit Gym Coaches?

    We’ve assembled a dream team of coaches who are ready to help your team get Thoughtfully Fit. Click on a picture or name to learn more!

      Darcy Luoma Headshot

      Darcy Luoma
      Creator of Thoughtfully Fit

      Jill Mueller
      Thoughtfully Fit Gym Director

      Work out
      your mind.

      Without breaking a sweat.