Working with a qualified and certified DLCC coach improves productivity and organizational strength, in addition to creating better relationships, improved teamwork, and greater job satisfaction.

 Clients who receive coaching report increased self-awareness, more balanced lives, lower stress levels, and a greater ability to set and achieve goals.

We offer four types of coaching. We are happy to discuss your specific situation and needs to help pair you with a coach that can help you get great results.

Life Coaching

Are you energetic, capable, driven, and bored? Individual life coaching can help you re-establish the energy and passion in your life through a process that’s rewarding and insightful. It’s a powerful experience to dream big, identify your goals, and have someone help you be accountable to your action steps, and celebrate your great successes with you. 

Life Coaching
Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

You’ve worked hard, been successful, and climbed to a leadership role in your organization. What’s the problem? Well, often the highest achieving executives in the most high-pressure jobs are the least likely to get feedback and support to build their management and leadership skills. Executive coaching is a powerful and effective way to help managers, leaders and executives excel. Through individually tailored leadership development plans, you can achieve greater business results and higher productivity, create better working relationships with colleagues and management, substantially increase your emotional and social intelligence, and create a healthier balance between work and personal life.

Team Coaching

What does a high performing team look like? It communicates effectively and produces outstanding results. When adversity strikes, the team jumps into action, develops and executes a strategy that minimizes the damage, and builds a strong foundation for continued success. Does that describe your team at home or at work? If you’re not there yet, we can help. We believe teams are systems that flourish when the focus is on the relationships, rather than the individuals. Team coaching with DLCC results in expanded potential for the whole group, increased communication, and an environment where positive interactions are the norm rather than the exception.

Balanced Communication
DLCC is ready when you are

Small Group Coaching

Coaching in a small group setting increases your self-awareness and provides accountability, while also giving you the support from a group of like-minded people working to accomplish their goals. We base our small group coaching on being Thoughtfully Fit® which means having self awareness combined with the ability to choose how you want to show up in order to have the strongest impact, both in your life and in the lives of others. Learn more about our upcoming women’s leadership series.


Who are the Coaches?

We have recruited and trained a team of highly qualified, results-driven coaches who achieve great results with their clients. We have diverse backgrounds, experiences, and stories, but all share a commitment to helping our clients accomplish their goals. Contact our team to start your coaching journey, and we will help you get matched with a coach that fits your style, goals and budget.

How does Coaching work?

In coaching, the focus is on whatever is most important to you. Sometimes clients have very specific agendas. Sometimes they do not. Generally, just a few coaching sessions can clarify all the important facets of your professional and personal life that need to be taken into account for you to achieve your desired outcomes. Then you and your coach will look at the alternative paths you face, create new awareness, explore perspectives, and start taking the steps to get you there.

The coaching process starts with a Coaching Pre-Questionnaire that is filled with powerful questions about your life purpose, vision, values and goals for the future. It helps you determine what your Primary Focus Areas are for the coaching and establishes a strong foundation for your work together.

You fill out the coaching pre-questionnaire and return it to your coach two days prior to the Initial Discovery Session—which is about two hours long, in-person (if you are located in the same area, otherwise by phone or Skype), where you paint a picture of what you are wanting in your life, clarify what you want from the coaching, and where you and your coach design your alliance on how you will work together to maximize your results.

That leads into the monthly coaching, which includes two 45-minute phone coaching sessions per month with unlimited phone and email support in between. There is homework and designed accountability at each step of the way! New clients commit to four months of coaching, and then continue from there on a month-to-month basis, if desired.