Thoughtfully Fit® Leadership: increase your impact

Build your leadership skills, one week at a time.

Strong leaders are essential for the success of any organization.


Leadership skills can be learned, but they require practice.

Do you have members of your team who are ready to take it to the next level? Or maybe some emerging leaders whose skills you want to build?

If you want to give people on your team the chance to build their practical skills, improve communication, and become more effective leaders, this is the perfect course.

In addition to monthly training sessions, we provide support and accountability to help you improve your skills.

Our Approach

Think about how you learned to ride a bike. Did you read a book? Watch a video? Maybe. But eventually you had to get on the bike and practice. You likely had a few falls along the way.

It’s the same with leadership skills. We can teach you the content, and then you have to practice. We provide the information and support to help you do just that.

Small Accountability Groups

You will be placed in a small accountability group in order to discuss progress on the skills you are learning and practicing.

Monthly Coaching Calls

You will have access to monthly coaching calls to explore case studies. If you’re feeling stuck, this is where you can get specific ideas to try.

Weekly Emails and Videos

You will receive an email each week that includes additional resources and a recap of the content you can be working on.

Listen to what past participants have to say!

Photo of Preston Bollerud, Director of Growth Northwestern Mutual Insurance

Preston Bollerud

“It has honestly changed my career and how I view relationships and connections in my personal and professional life. This experience and work that we have done is so valuable and can be used almost anywhere, in any situation, with anyone. It’s worth every penny and ROI is infinite with the time, work and commitment you put into it.”

Preston Bollerud

Director of Growth, Northwestern Mutual Insurance

Photo of Tara Conger

Tara Conger

“It was a hit! Employees enjoyed the experience which helped them increase emotional intelligence, improve workplace communication, raised self-awareness (and system/team awareness), as well as taught them how to deal with conflict in a healthy way. Many of the tools she teaches can be used immediately in the work setting!”

Tara Conger

Chief Operating Officer, The QTI Group

What You Can Expect to Learn

    1. Act thoughtfully – intentionally and mindfully of self and others
    2. Create an environment with clear expectations and structure
    3. Engage in difficult conversations in order to resolve and prevent conflict
    4. Create or strengthen teams that work together to solve problems and identify opportunities
    5. Develop high-performing teams that engage in healthy conflict and collaborate effectively

Who is the Ideal Participant?

Managers who are looking to have a great impact on their teams

New leaders who have not received formal leadership training

Any leader who is ready to practice new leadership skills and strategies

Content Overview


Click the plus sign for more details on the content covered in each module.

Module 1 - LEAD YOURSELF: Practice Pause–Think–Act

The series starts with an overview of Thoughtfully Fit and the core strategy of pausing for a moment, thinking about what’s going on, and then acting with intention. It builds self-leadership and emotional intelligence, and shows how to achieve greater results by focusing on your choices and what you control: your own thoughts and behaviors.

Module 2 - LEAD WITH COACHING: Stop Solving!

This session focuses on how to make conscious choices in order to increase your impact and effectiveness. Participants will learn how to use coaching skills such as listening thoughtfully, self-managing, and asking questions to improve their interactions with others while reducing their workload and stress.

Module 3 - LEAD WITH COURAGE: Conduct Balanced Conversations

Employees often avoid difficult conversations that could lead to greater results, or they approach conversations too aggressively and conflict ensues. This session focuses on achieving alignment and finding a “win-win” solution by building skills to convey a clear message in a way that it can be heard.

Module 4 - LEAD DURING CONFLICT: Accept Differences

This final session analyzes different leadership styles and explores ways to accept and embrace differences. Learn the impact of labels and assumptions and skills that can be immediately used to effectively resolve conflict in any situation.

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