thoughtfully fit®

Thoughtfully Fit® is a model developed by Darcy Luoma that will allow you to build the skills to help coach yourself through life’s challenges, big and small.


With its core of PAUSE, THINK, ACT and six practices to help guide your actions and interactions, being Thoughtfully Fit can help you improve communication, strengthen your relationships, decrease conflict, and live your life with greater fulfillment and intention.

Whether you are looking for big or small changes, Thoughtfully Fit® can help you save your energy for the the things that matter to YOU. It will help bring you more of what you want in your life, and help you clear the clutter of actions and interactions that aren’t serving you.

Thoughtfully Fit® can help you be both more thoughtful about what you want and need, as well as more considerate of others.

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Darcy is absolutely amazing!

I’ve had the pleasure to work closely with her for the past four years. Most recently we engaged with Darcy to do some corporate training with her new program called Thoughtfully Fit. It was a hit! Employees enjoyed the four-part series which helped them increase emotional intelligence, improve workplace communication, raised self-awareness (and system/team awareness), as well as taught them how to deal with conflict in a healthy way. Many of the tools she teaches throughout the program can be used immediately in the work setting!

Tara Derbick Conger, SHRM-SCP, President, The QTI Group