5 Apps, 5 Books and 5 Life Hacks

by | May 24, 2022

Darcy Luoma is one of America’s most highly credentialed coaches. She’s worked in 48 industries, with more than 500 organizations, and has impacted tens of thousands of leaders and employees.


Today’s article is something a bit different. Most of our posts include a recommendation of sorts. We love learning from other self-development experts, and we love sharing our findings with you!

So today, we want to recommend 5 apps, 5 books, and 5 life hacks that you can use to achieve greater fulfillment and positive change, wherever you are right now. To avoid overwhelm, we suggest choosing one of these at a time and dedicating yourself to it for a specific amount of time, like 30 days.


5 Apps to improve your day-to-day wellbeing

Note: all the apps we recommend are free to use 🙂

  1. Perspective is a journaling app that will capture your thoughts, mood and emotions. Use this to:
  • Increase self-awareness
  • Improve mental health
  • Understand how you’re spending your time
  1. 30/30 is a time management app that lets you spend 30 minutes on a task, before giving you a 30-minute break. Use this to:
  • Stop procrastinating
  • Dedicate a set amount of time to a particular project
  • Give your work day more structure
  1. Headspace is a relaxation app containing numerous guided meditations. Use this to:
  • Manage anxiety
  • Find moments of Stillness
  • Wind down before bed
  1. Elevate is a brain-training app to improve your literacy and numeracy through games. Use this to:
  • Sharpen your vocabulary
  • Improve mental math skills for personal finance or at work
  • Strengthen your long-term memory
  1. Moment is a time management app that tracks how much time you spend on your phone each day. Use this to:
  • Set limits on screen time
  • Manage the time your kids spend on their phones
  • Improve your awareness of how you’re spending your time

5 Books to support your growth as a person

  1. Angela Duckworth’s Grit is a book about persevering when times get tough. Use this to:
  • Develop greater energy and passion for the things you love
  • Discover your inner power if you judge yourself to be “untalented”
  • Take an important project right to the finish line
  1. David Schwartz’ The Magic of Thinking BIG is the playbook that Arnold Schwarzenegger and others have used to set ambitious goals and achieve them. Use this to:
  • Think more positively
  • Remove your own excuses from your path
  • Become more of a doer
  1. Og Mandino’s The Greatest Salesman in the World is a parable about a young man who learns the secrets of success from a wealthy merchant who is on his deathbed. Use this to:
  • Treat difficult customers with love
  • Master your emotions when you face challenging sales periods
  • Keep taking action towards self-betterment
  1. Glennon Doyle’s Untamed is a memoir of a Christian blogger who found authentic love in another woman when she least expected it. Use this to:
  • Find self-empowerment
  • Be who you are, warts and all, instead of striving to be something you think you ought to be
  • Stop people-pleasing
  1. Richard Davidson’s Altered Traits offers a scientific take on the research behind meditation, written in collaboration with science journalist Daniel Goleman. Use this to:
  • Develop the motivation to start meditating
  • Stop multitasking
  • Get your brain out of its default anxious state


5 Life Hacks for a clearer mind

  1. Turn off all the notifications on your phone from news apps, or delete the news apps altogether! Use this to:
  1. At the end of every day, jot down what went well and what you learned. Use this to:
  • Improve your self-awareness
  • Hold yourself accountable to grow each day
  • Feel more gratitude
  1. Sign up for a class that teaches you something new, whether it’s a guitar lesson, a second language, a coaching certificate, or something completely out there! Use this to:
  1. Make a conscious effort to go for a 30-minute walk during the morning or on your lunch break (it could be in the forest!). Use this to:
  • Get your heart rate up and your blood pumping
  • Energize yourself for the day
  • Lose a few pounds
  1. Instead of grabbing your lunch on the go, sit down and savor your meal. Use this to:
  • Enjoy a moment of Stillness amidst the rush of the work day
  • Improve your digestion
  • Appreciate your food more


And that’s a wrap!

Which of these did you like the most? Do you already use one of them?

Let us know in the comments below!

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