Unlocking the Choices

by | Feb 16, 2021

Darcy Luoma is one of America’s most highly credentialed coaches. She’s worked in 48 industries, with more than 500 organizations, and has impacted tens of thousands of leaders and employees.

There’s so much going on right now that we have no control over. But we’re still 100% in control. When things are out of our control, it’s the perfect time to remember. . .

I control everything I do.

I may not be able to do everything I want right now. But I do control if I focus on the choices I don’t have or the choices I do.

What choices do I have?

I choose if I Pause.
I choose if I Think.
I choose if I Act thoughtfully.
I choose if I’m open to influence when I don’t choose correctly.
I choose if I make my thoughts work for me, not against me.
I choose if I address my destructive patterns, even when it’s hard.
I choose if I increase my presence, even when it seems impossible.
I choose if I listen, even when I totally disagree with the other person.
I choose if I speak, even when I’m afraid of rocking the boat.
I choose if I take actions that serve me instead of sabotage me.
I choose if I keep choosing, even when the choices are less than perfect.
Because if I haven’t found the choice that brings

. . . resolution in my relationships

. . . calm in my thoughts

. . . space for what’s most important

Then I haven’t unlocked all of my choices yet.

I can choose to focus on what I control by training to get Thoughtfully Fit.

You can too.


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