A Thoughtful Year: Our Team Intentions for 2022

by | Jan 26, 2022

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Author Jack Kornfield once wrote that “intention is the seed that creates our future.”

Those of you who’ve followed my journey for a while will know that I set an annual intention every year. It’s a practice I began when I started my business in 2013, and it helps me stay focused and deliberate.

My process for intention setting is fairly straightforward. I choose one word that sums up the “theme for the year,” so to speak. Then, in order to make my intention measurable, I break it down into 10 or so actionable items. Edit in 2023: if you’d like to know more about how I did last year, see this article. If you’re curious about the process I use to set my intention, watch this Thoughtfully Fit Thursday video!

Last year’s intention was playfulness. For someone like me who has historically taken herself too seriously (thanks Little Miss Perfect Pants!), this was a struggle. But I made progress – complete with blue nail polish, making Tik Toks and driving four-wheelers!

What’s my intention for 2022?

I’m delighted to announce that my intention for 2022 is Bold. DLCC is scaling rapidly, and it’s time for me to boldly lean into this new phase of expansion. I’m also scaling up in other areas, like going on more dates this year. Decisions like these require a degree of courage and trust in myself (and my team!) which has sometimes been hard for me in the past.

Like last year, I’m sharing my intention publicly as a way to hold myself accountable. At the end of the year, I’ll let you know how I got on!

At our annual team retreat this month, we decided it’d be fun to share the entire team’s intentions this year. So I asked everyone what their individual intentions are for 2022, and I’m excited to share the results with you today.

DLCC Team Intentions for 2022

“Honesty: I say what’s on my mind and heart in the moment with as much grace and care as possible.”
Sharon Barbour

“Solitude: I will make more time for Stillness and will make (and keep!) more plans with just me.”
Kara Barnes

“Gratitude: Being grateful for what I have, what I get to do, the people I get to love, and the life I get to live.”
Carly Bouchard

“Ease: I will hold everything with a light grasp and allow life to flow more easefully.”
Megan Cain

“Flexibility: I will take more time to improve flexibility in my mind with mindfulness meditation and improve flexibility in my body with hatha yoga.”
Barney Chastain

“Adventure: I will embrace uncertainty with courage and a sense of wonder and adventure, both professionally and personally.”
Nancy Clark

“Mindfulness: I will take time for my mental health to do yoga, meditate, and do things for myself.”
Josie Gilbert

“Say it: Speak up. Take more chances. Think bigger!”
Jill Mueller

“Discover: I will find out more about myself and step out of my comfort zone to do things I like to do.”
Sydney Murphy

“Flow: I welcome moments of flow where I feel aligned, appreciative, and genuinely present.”
Iva Pouheleva

“Learning new skills: The skills in question have been on my radar for a while. My intention is to take one new skill per month and focus on it.”
Geoff Walters



Core Workout: Now It’s Your Turn

I’m honored to be working with such an amazing group of people!One-minute-workout

If you’d like to figure out your intention for 2022, try the following core workout:

  • Pause: Take a moment out of your day to sit quietly with your focus on 2022.
  • Think: What is your life missing at the moment? How can you develop the Strength to live more consciously? What do you want to manifest more of in the year ahead?
  • Act: Write down your intention for 2022. Yes, I promise that writing it down is helpful!

And, if you’d like, send us your intention. I’d love to hear what your focus is for the year ahead (it also increases your accountability…you’re welcome!). We’ll collect the best ones and share them with you in a future article.

Here’s to an intentional 2022!

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