Published 01.21.2020

Written by Darcy Luoma

Darcy Luoma is one of America’s most highly credentialed coaches. She’s worked in 48 industries, with more than 500 organizations, and has impacted tens of thousands of leaders and employees.

How to Make It Happen

Now that you’ve taken the time to look back and plan the way forward, it’s time to make it happen!

But how, exactly, do you do that?!

My clients often notice that coaching helps them accomplish things they have been working on (or just dreaming about) for years. I think this success is because of two components of coaching that really help create action: support and accountability.

Stay Accountable

With your coach, you meet at regular intervals. Your coach asks about what has happened since your last session and revisits any action items. This provides a lot of accountability! 

The great news is that you can get accountability from people in your life other than a coach. Commit to meeting a friend at a workout if you’re trying to exercise more. Set specific deadlines for tasks at work and ask your colleague to hold you to it. Agree with your spouse to put your phones away at certain times of day.

And if you’re looking to make bigger changes? Try setting out small steps and find someone you can check in with to ensure you stay on track.

Now, I really went for broke on my accountability last year. The universe provided me with an amazing opportunity to live into my 2019 intention of vulnerability when last spring Brava Magazine featured the story of John’s arrest. Turns out it was their most-read article of the year, so no more hiding for me!

Even if you’re not ready to go super public, getting someone to hold you accountable to your goals can be really impactful. 

My daughters are turning out to be great accountability partners, recently encouraging me to hustle off to a workout that I had committed to even though I was running late and had ZERO motivation to go. But they talked me into, and I made it, only missing the first two minutes!

Create Some Structure

Coaches also provide structure, which is really important. I tell my clients that I am not there to set an agenda, but I am there to help them stay on track with whatever agenda they create. Part of this includes asking clients what they need to take that next step.

You can do this too. Think about what might be standing in your way. Is it just a lack of confidence? Or are there specific skills or training that you need?

Make a schedule, set some timelines, and don’t forget to set aside some time to make all these great things happen! You might even need to schedule some stillness to help you figure out the next steps. 

Setting weekly action items, signing up for a class, or meeting a friend for coffee to discuss next steps are all structures that can help you on your journey.

Make a Plan to Make it Happen

In order to make change, you need a plan. Figure out where you’re headed this year, and then line up a little accountability and some good old fashioned structure. Break your goal into small pieces so you can have some quick wins, and don’t give up if you get a little off track or things are taking longer than you want.

We’re all rooting for you! Make it happen, and be sure to let me know how it goes.