Thoughtfully Fit #9: Connecting and Closing

The final two steps of BALANCED conversations are to “Connect with Empathy” and “Close with Intention.”

Two strategies to connect with empathy:

  • Listen Fully: This is about listening for understanding with a laser focus on the other person. It’s about paying attention to their energy as well as their words. Choose to be fully present and listen to the words they are saying as well as what is not being said.
  • Ask Questions: The best way to listen is to ask a question! Try using open-ended questions that start with what or how. Get curious about what’s happening with them in the moment right NOW.

The following steps can be helpful when closing with intention:

  • Confirm next steps
  • Express gratitude
  • Schedule time to follow-up, if needed

Choosing to connect and treating others with empathy can be powerful ways to increase your impact. Even if you think you are already doing well in this area, challenge yourself to turn it up a notch this week and see what happens!

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