Thoughtfully Fit #5: Active Listening

You can just listen or you can listen actively. In order to lead with coaching, you need to listen actively. There are two steps to do this:

  • Mirror back what the person is saying. State what you are hearing to make sure you are understanding their message. This is the CONTENT.
  • Shine a light on what is not being said. Notice the energy and what your gut is telling you. Find a way to verbalize what is not being said with consideration and kindness. This is the EMOTION.

When you reflect back both the words and energy of the person you are talking to, they will feel so much more heard, valued, and appreciated. This is an essential key to creating engaged employees!

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In this article, the value of active listening is highlighted as an essential skill to being effective in the workplace. It outlines six specific steps to help you listen more, and thus become a more productive and effective leader.

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