Something’s Different About You

by | Jul 24, 2018

By DLCC Coach Nancy Turngren

As I sit across from my former client “Sally”, I notice a different air about her. When I first met Sally, she described herself as bored, insecure, trapped, and fearful. Her resumé reflected quite the opposite:  successful business woman, advocate for others, knowledgeable and worldly. Clearly, conflict was building inside of her. She said she felt trapped. She concluded she needed help moving forward and committed to a six-month journey of coaching.

A year later Sally invited me to lunch, and the person I see sitting across from me seems very different from the Sally I met before. She is relaxed and confident with a decidedly different energy. I share my impression with her, and she smiles. As she portrays her presence when we initially met, she takes her hands and puts them up like she is clawing at something. When she describes her new presence, she opens her hands, turns them over with her palms up and says, “Ahhh”.  She says it is hard to put into words what she experienced during the coaching process, but refers to it as “coaching magic.”

It’s not actually magic, but it sure can feel like it

Sally called it coaching magic; you can also call it successful coaching…a transformational process that is carried out in an environment of trust and safety without judgement. As this transformation occurs, the client accesses a new way to look at life or work challenges. It’s like getting prescription glasses. You see things differently or more clearly. Things that were fuzzy are much more defined, and you have confidence that what you are seeing is accurate. Clients feel empowered rather than insecure and trapped.  

While coaching may feel like magic, there is a structure and process involved. This process leads to sustainable, life-changing transformations. It is my privilege to be a witness to this transformation and see the joy and peace it brings not only to my clients, but to those around them.

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