Learning to Swim in a Sea of Change

by | Dec 18, 2018

By Mike Touhey, DLCC Coach

Businesses today are faced with many changes including technological, social, environmental, regulatory, economic and competitive. It is easy to get overwhelmed and be fearful of trying new things. However, if you want to successfully navigate the changing landscape, a leader who is willing to be bold and see failure as a learning experience will help you succeed into the future.

What do leaders who embrace ENDURANCE have in common?


Leaders will need to innovate and take risks to allow them to take advantage of new opportunities created by change. If you can view the new normal as an opportunity as well as a challenge, you can create new business models and options. Trying new things also requires taking risks, as playing it safe and doing what you have always done is not likely to take you to the next level.

Learn from Failure

Taking risks and being innovative to push the organization forward can also lead to occasional failures. It is key that as a leader you do not give up in the face of any small failure, but instead display endurance, and take the failures as a learning experience. Ideally they can help spread an attitude of learning to your leadership team and the organization as a whole. You need to be resilient if project initiatives fail or business results are not meeting expectations.

Share a Growth Mindset

Leaders that have a growth mindset are able to bounce back after an unsuccessful project or disappointing business results. They believe that the knowledge gained in these situations will prepare them for future leadership decisions, and give them a better understanding of the current landscape.

This growth mindset is also critical across the entire organization. Leaders should create a culture that fosters and supports all employees in their ability to learn, grow and thrive. It means supporting innovation even when the immediate results are not there, and creating space to learn from failure and trying again.

This will allow your company to ride the wave of change rather than drown in a sea of overwhelm.

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