Coaching Lessons for Life

by | Apr 23, 2019

by DLCC Coach Ndidi Yaucher

My family is excited about the spring season. Not only do we get longer days, warmer weather, and fresher air, but at our house, we also get the beginning of spring sports. My kids are athletes, and they love to spend their time outdoors training and preparing for their seasons in dance, soccer, track and field, and baseball.

A lot of the things our kids have learned in athletics are important life lessons. And they are not just for kids! I use these in life and business as well. Here are a few lessons we’ve all taken to heart:

Earn your spot.

My kids’ coaches preach that the athletes must earn their spot on their competitive teams. This involves hard work, a strong work ethic, dedication, commitment, and drive. Although earning a spot can be intimidating, it forces them to set goals, learn their gaps, and find ways to stretch themselves to achieve their goals.

The same applies to life and business. Although it may not be quite as competitive, it is important to clarify what you truly want, what’s missing, and how you can make that dream or goal happen.


My kids spend hours and hours of their time at practice. They spend a lot more time practicing than they actually do performing at the game, tournament, or meet. That is because practice builds consistency which is key when trying something new.

There are many times that a new skill feels uncomfortable. But over time something clicks, and with consistency, it becomes a learned habit. I use this as a teachable moment for myself too. Trying something new is always uncomfortable, takes a lot of time, and feels scary. But with practice, it becomes easier. I learn something new, and I grow during the process.

Be optimistic.

Optimism is not always easy. It often comes naturally when things are going your way, but can be harder to access when things don’t go quite as planned.

My kids have had their share of successes and failures, but we remind them to approach both from a positive mindset. Talking negatively to oneself never helps. Instead of approaching it from a fixed mindset (I can’t do it), use a growth mindset (I didn’t perform quite as well as I expected, so what can I learn from this?).

It is not all about winning or losing. It is about learning. What did you learn and how can you make adjustments next time?

As the spring season begins, I hope you use this as an opportunity to grow and apply these sports lessons to your life and business. Need a little help getting ready for your next season? Coaching can help you create a plan and provide support and accountability.

Want some coaching of your own? I would love to work with you. Contact us today to start working with me or other coaches on our amazing team!

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