Balanced Communication

We help solve your people problems.

When people work together, problems are inevitable. Teams having problems is not a bad sign. But things can get toxic when teams don’t want to talk about their problems. That’s where we come in.

Communicate with Confidence:
Three Essentials to Balanced Conversations

What are your people problems?

Do any of the following sound familiar?

  • Team meetings have an underlying tension which doesn’t get talked about.
  • Team members hesitate to disagree with one another or bring up different ideas.
  • Employees do their best to avoid conflict at all costs.
  • Team members say everything is fine, but you sense it’s not.
  • Team members are talking, but they’re not doing much listening.

These people problems are completely normal. However, they won’t get better by ignoring them. In fact, they only get worse.

What’s the best way to solve your people problems?

We have a proven program that we tailor to the specific people problems at your organization. Here’s a brief overview.

Step 1: Assessment

We’ll schedule a conversation to learn more about the people problems that your team is dealing with. 

Step 2: Warm Up

We create a web page for your team with a videos and resources. This will also be an opportunity for everyone to respond to a survey and start thinking about what they want to focus on during the training.

Step 3: Virtual Workshop

This is not a passive webinar experience. This is an interactive virtual training where participants are participating in discussions practicing new skills. This is where participants will learn the five steps of a Thoughtfully Fit BALANCED conversation.

Step 4: Accountability 

Two weeks after the virtual workshop, the group will come together for an accountability session to discuss went well and what questions they still have. 

Step 5: Next Steps

We will schedule a call to discuss what steps you can take moving forward to maximize your investment.

How we make our virtual experiences work for you

Content tailored for your learners

Plenty of time to discuss material in small groups in breakout rooms

Engagement through Zoom features of chat, polls, and annotating

Combination of learning and skills application

Opportunity to learn more before and after the virtual experience.

Meet Darcy Luoma

Darcy Luoma is a “Master Certified Coach”, dynamic facilitator, and inspiring motivational speaker. She has worked as a Director for a U.S. Senator and the Deputy Transition Director for a Governor. She also served on the national advance team for two U.S. presidential campaigns. As the owner and CEO of Darcy Luoma Coaching & Consulting, LLC, she has worked in 48 industries with 210 organizations to create high-performing people and teams.

Meet Jill Mueller

I am a Coach, Trainer, and Learning Experience Designer with Darcy Luoma Coaching & Consulting. I have my master’s in adult learning with an emphasis in Human Resource in Workforce Development. I have been providing virtual training experiences since 2011 and am passionate about creating engaging and interactive material. My goal is to create the perfect experience for you and your team!


Communicate with Confidence: Three Essentials for Balanced Conversations

Start dealing with your people problems by learning the three essentials of courage, compassion and curiosity. Get specific lines that you can use in your next tough conversation!

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